Monday, November 12, 2007

Adoption Story

Last year I went to a Flea Market and bought this hand sewn bunny. I really had no specific place for it, as is the case with most of my purchases, and put it on the dining room table. The next thing I knew Beauty Baby was right on it, sniffing it all over, circling it and finally came to rest on it's skirt. She slept there all day, went back after her dinner and just wouldn't leave it alone. I moved it into the guest room on the day bed to see what she'd do and yes, she found it and looked rather put out because I had moved it. She sleeps elsewhere now, but does go in there for a nap or two several times a week. Kinda makes one wonder what this bunny is stuffed with.

Yes, there'a a nip in the air and Sunny found the warmest place to nap. He's very brave. He could be a cat pancake if I'm not careful getting into bed. Doesn't he look happy that I've found his secret hiding place?

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