Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've adopted a sheep. This is So cool. You pay a certain amount of money towards the care & upkeep of the sheep you choose and when the fall shearing happens the wool is sent directly to you to do with as you please. My sheep's name is Orpha ( at first I was pronoucing it Oprah!) and she is a beautiful blackish gray. I'll be getting a picture of her as well as updates on things she is doing.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Back In Florida

I'm back in Florida for "Spring Break" although I really don't get a spring break. Arlene & Jenna (Daughter & Granddaughter) both do since they teach and attend school, respectively. I came down for a visit and to celebrate Passover & Easter. I celebrate ALL holidays. I'll celebate any holiday that has good food.
I finally finished Kim & Gerry's throw that I knitted for them as a house warming gift. Had to hurry up since they've been in the house since December. Hey...these things take time.
Knitting definately has become an obsession for me but the way I figure it I could have picked something much worse. Having tubs of yarn around makes me feel all warm & fuzzy. What can I say.
I'll post pictures of my completed projects and those in progress as soon as I get home.( I forgot to bring my new camera.)
Happy Day To All.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My 1st Pair of Socks!

My 1st Pair of Socks!
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Well, I finally finished my FIRST pair of socks! They took so long to complete. Could that possibly be because I've been working on too many projects at the same time? NO.....
Anyway, I wore them and all day long I kept looking at them. I'm actually working on my 3rd pair now. Pair #2 is finished all except for the dreaded kitchner. I'll do it. I really will. I have to be in the mood to concentrate.