Friday, March 30, 2007

Back In Florida

I'm back in Florida for "Spring Break" although I really don't get a spring break. Arlene & Jenna (Daughter & Granddaughter) both do since they teach and attend school, respectively. I came down for a visit and to celebrate Passover & Easter. I celebrate ALL holidays. I'll celebate any holiday that has good food.
I finally finished Kim & Gerry's throw that I knitted for them as a house warming gift. Had to hurry up since they've been in the house since December. Hey...these things take time.
Knitting definately has become an obsession for me but the way I figure it I could have picked something much worse. Having tubs of yarn around makes me feel all warm & fuzzy. What can I say.
I'll post pictures of my completed projects and those in progress as soon as I get home.( I forgot to bring my new camera.)
Happy Day To All.

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