Friday, June 22, 2007


A few minutes ago I got a call from the Forsyth County 911 office saying that someone from my number dialed 911 and hung up. I told the girl that everything was fine, that I had mis-dialed a number by mistake, hung up and then re-dialed. FIVE minutes later a policeman showed up at my door! I explained what happened and he asked me, " You dialed 911 by mistake?? " TGIF

Hey Mr. Postman

My Son-In-Law, Bently is a letter carrier. I hope this never happens to him.

It's a Heel!

I am SO excited, you just can't imagine how much. Last night's knitting at Knitch finally produced a short row heel that I can be proud of. After many unsuccessful tries and frogging I think I finally "got it", thanks ONCE AGAIN to Claudia , the "Knitting Hotline" of many. She also showed me a very simple ribbed cable stitch and now I'm on my way up the leg. I really love the look of these and I can't wait to get a little further up on the leg to see how the pattern looks. YEA!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A/C Problem

My air-conditioning went out yesterday and for those of you living locally here in NE GA I have to pass along info on a VERY reliable company. Larry Wilbanks of Wilbanks Air (770-887-7911) did some extensive A/C work at my house shortly after I bought it several years ago. When I called him for service yesterday he was swamped with work so he had his brother Stanley (770-889-0293) also in the business, contact me. He was at the house 10 minutes later, found the problem, FIXED it putting in a new part, and was on his way in less than an hour from my original phone call. GREAT service and at a very reasonable price. It's going to be a long, hot summer and if anyone needs A/C service these are the guys to call.

Black Sheep Gathering

I just saw an article about The Black Sheep Gathering which takes place in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. There are sheep and goat shows, workshops and lots of fiber exhibits but what caught my eye was their Sheep To Shawl competition. The contestants work in teams of 5, 1 weaver and 4 spinners and have to make a shawl at least 20" X 72" in the time allowed. How absolutely amazing. I would KILL to see that!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Knitting

You will notice the lack of a photo here. THAT is because I'm STILL working on that !@#$%^& toe-up sock that I've had on the needles for I can't tell you how long. I've had to rip out the heel three times. This short row heel is supposed to be fairly simple but I must have some short row brain tissue missing because I'm just not getting it. I met Claudia and Jen
for knitting on Sunday and they are whizzes at such things. They make very intricate patterns look SO simple to do. DRAT!

Kangaroo Center

On Saturday Jen, Arlene, Heather & I spent the morning at the Kangaroo Center in Dalton. The grounds there are just beautiful and all 80+ acres are loaded with flowers, unusual birds, and of course, kangaroos. They have a tram that takes you around the grounds to see all the animals and then you wind up in their arena to see them close up. Jenna & Heather just HAD to go over and hug this deer!

Jenna In Ga

Jenna just went back home to South Florida after spending 2 weeks here. We had SUCH fun, as usual. We went to the
Chestatee Wildlife Preserve. We had never been there before and it's really a neat place. Not all that large but they have many different wild cats from small to VERY large including lions and tigers. This large camel greeted us as we entered.
She also went to Circus Camp and actually learned how to ride a unicycle, walked on a tight rope and did various aerial acts. She rode the unicycle in the show the camp put on at the end of the week! Cool stuff!Jen wearing her clown nose during dinner at Outback Steak House.

Steak Pizzaiola

Ok,'s only been 3 weeks since I've been on here. My friend Barbara actually thought there was something wrong with her internet connection because she couldn't access any new posts. I told her that was because there weren't any!
To start catching up, the above is a picture of the most delicious dish my friend Marty made while I was still in Florida. He's a great cook and Steak Pizzaiola is one of his specialties.

Marty in the kitchen at his Hollywood Beach Condo