Friday, May 2, 2008

Was Beauty Baby Shorn?

No she wasn't but doesn't this roving look exactly like her? When I ordered "brown" I had no idea that it would be a mixture of "browns" and I really do like it. I didn't realize how much it resembled Beauty Baby's coloring until my Boston friend Eileen noticed. I wonder if natural roving comes in orange? I don't want to leave Sunny out of this.

Sunny enjoying Beauty Baby's new assmat.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm An Addict

This is what just came in the mail today. Yes, it's roving, ready to spin.

Question: Do I KNOW how to spin?
Answer: No
Another question: Do I have a wheel on which to spin?
Answer: No

Hey, I'm LEARNING how to spin and I thought I'd need something to practice on. And it was a special deal. Fairly inexpensive. It's good to practice on inexpensive stuff, since what I spin will not be the best. Hardly. But that's fine - I'll knit it into something. A bunch of good sheep spent months growing this stuff and I'll do my best to show them off as well as possible!