Sunday, October 14, 2007


HAPPY NEWS TO REPORT! Oh, by the way, I'm Sunny (for those who haven't met me) and I'm taking the liberty of blogging this entry since my Mom hasn't been in the mood. She went to the Doc last Friday for her 2 week check-up and he said that everything looked OUTSTANDING! What a relief. I gotta tell ya, it's really been a BIG adjustment for my sister & I since all of this started. First of all, she was gone for almost the entire month of August and then had that surgery. It takes all of my wakeful energy to tend to her. For whatever reason she definately feels the need to pat me much more often and needs me sleeping as close as possible to her all night long. Her hands are always on me, patting, brushing, pinching my cheeks (facial & hind end). At least I have my own pillow on the bed. She has one along side of her and that's mine. These things are all fine and dandy except that a cat need some private time too, ya know? Anyway, Beauty Baby & I have split the nursing detail, myself usually doing the night work and my sister taking the day shift. For some reason she has much more patience than I do during the day. Perhaps that's because I've been up most of the night on my watch. Here is a picture of Beauty Baby after her shift is over. See what I mean?
At least she can still get around to fix our breakfast and dinner, give us fresh water daily and clean our litter. I don't know what we'd do if she couldn't do THOSE things. I might have had to resort to sniffing around on the kitchen counter top to see if there might be any tasty left overs. I usually check anyway but the good stuff, ie chicken, ham, sliced turkey, cheese are all kept in that giant white lock box.
Our exterminator was here last week and informed us that we had Mice or Rats up in the attic! I'm OH SO GLAD he put bait up there or else I might have been expected to go up and do the extermination. That's where I draw the line. A hunter I'm not. I wasn't brought up to be a hunter. That's why we have strange men who go up into the attic and get rid of all those pesky rodents.
Anway, that's it. Time for a nap.

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