Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feeling Better

Well, to update my situation here, my wound-vac was installed last Saturday, The first machine that was delivered was the wrong one and it took several more days for the correct one to be delivered. Go figure. Anyway, it's amazing. I hate it because it's attached 24 hrs. a day and I have to carry this devise around in a little carrying case. It probably weighs about 6 lbs. or so. I LOVE it because my wound has healed up INCHES in less than a week. Many inches.
Oh, I forgot. I had a follow up with my surgeon last Fri and he said that it looked OH, SO GOOD. Boy did that make my day!
Anyway I'm getting used to this thing. Twice the alarm on it went off, indicating either a leak in the suction or something needs attention. Last night it went off at 1am, and all it needed was it's cannister to be changed because it was full. Now I know how to change it in case that happens again. AND, of course, both times the alarm sounded had to be in the middle of the night. That's ok....I sleep during the day.
Sunny and Beauty Baby have been taking turns attending to me. As my friend Eileen said, " The day nurse & the night nurse!" One shows up and stays next to me for a few hours and then the other jumps up as if to say, oh, you can go now. I'll be here.
I spoke with Claudia the other day and will call her to take her up on her offer of her knitting/non-knitting visit. I really miss seeing her along with all the other knitters every week. Hopefully in a couple of more weeks I'll be able to drive and get myself OUT of this house on my own power. What a pleasure that will be. Really!
Anyway, THANK YOU for all your phone calls, shopping help, cat assistance, and good thoughts. It really does make a difference.

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