Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'll Be In Stitches

This Thursday I'm going in for some outpatient surgery! You may wonder why on earth I would be OH so excited for something like that but what's going to happen is that my surgeon is going to stitch up the remainder of my surgical wound. I'll get the stitches out 7 - 10 days later and I should be all healed up. Wonder of wonders. The best part of this is that my wound-vac will be OFF. Permanently. I am grateful for such a device for the healing it produced but I am SO very tired of having this thing attached all the time, not to mention the extreme pain on the surrounding skin due to the on/off of the dressing & tape 3 x a week. I'll go in Thurs. am and come home in the afternoon. Happy, Happy!

Now for knitting stuff!

One baby blanket finished
Another one finished. This one is a car seat or stroller size.
This is also going to be a car seat / stroller blanket. I love how the pattern is coming out.
The socks that I knitted for Barbara fit her so well. She has this tiny foot, size 5 1/2 or 6 and I was hoping they would fit.. She LOVES socks and couldn't believe that I actually made these. ( I actually couldn't believe they came out as well as they did.)Barbara, the sock recipient, and I.

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