Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Knit Therapy

Claudia came over on Saturday, brought a feast of a lunch from Atlanta Bread Factory and we sat and ate & talked for hours. She also got me into picking up my knitting again. I don't know what it was but I had all these projects whizzing around in my head and when I went to pick up the needles my concentration and ambition went out the window. She also brought the above, 2 skeins of yummy sock yarn and some gorgous yarn she actually spun herself! She suggested that I try a pair of fingerless gloves with her yarn and told me about a pretty pattern on
Her knitting is SO beautiful it's almost sinful. Beautiful even stitches, patterns without flubs, etc, etc. Also, she solved the mystery of why my yarn-overs never looked right, reason being I wasn't doing them correctly. Good reason, yes?? I've knitted several dishcloths to give to the nurse that comes here 3x a week and the 2nd cloth was a pattern with yarn-overs. It looks SO good and I'm so happy that I finally "got it". I was winding the y/o in the wrong direction. Small detail ....NOT.

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