Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I know what you're thinking but I really NEEDED this yarn. I really did. When I was in Only Ewe And Cotton Too I spotted a sample of a knitted baby blanket sitting up on a shelf. The minute my hands picked it up I knew I had to make this. I've never felt anything softer than this Oh My & Heaven yarn and since I know of several babies on the way I had no good reason NOT to get some.

The pattern is for a baby blanket to use with either a car seat or a stroller and is just adorable. I'm almost done with the body of the blanket already and tomorrow I'll get some help with the border. It involves picking up stitches along the edges which shouldn't be that big a deal but I don't want to mess it up!

I was in this shop for the first time the other day and am so glad I went. I also went to their knitting group that meets every Tues. & Sunday. What a great group of knitters! Among them I met Zina, who knits socks like the wind. She really does. Like, maybe 3 pair a week or so. No, I'm not kidding. Aside from the speed in which she knits her work is flawless. You probably are wondering what she DOES with all these socks. Yes, she sells them. THIS is also so cool. She showed me how she does her cast-on and toe for the toe up socks which is the only way she knits socks. Amazingly I "got it", did it, and it looks SO good. Her cast on method is actually called the Turkish Cast-on and for anyone interested you can view an excellent tutorial by clicking HERE. She also knits the most beautiful shawls out of sock yarn. Beautiful stuff.

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