Saturday, July 7, 2007

North Georgia Expedition

Susan called last Sunday morning and asked if I wanted to go exploring with her, Jane & John. Of course I said, " Of course", not even knowing where but when exploring new places it really doesn't matter now does it? Susan chauffeured in her NEW truck and drove up to the Sautee & Nacoochee Valley area. Ok, folks.....guess what we found......SHOPPING.......(now THAT'S a shocker, right?) First we went to The Gourd Place where I bought these small painted gourds along with this very cool handmade handpainted piece, which will hang next to the fireplace. Their shop is very interesting, showing the process of preparing the gourds from their natural state to the finished products.
We then found The Country Store which was SO SO cool! As you enter on the right they have this authentic player piano playing away, and you feel as if you just went back in time 100 years. My find was this yummy smelling Banana Nut Bread candle and a tube of Goat's Milk Hand Cream.

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