Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finished Blankie

Another finished project, this little baby blankie. It's sized to use in either a car seat or a stroller. I do emphasize FINISHED because I've been finishing more projects than I ever have. My thing use to be: buy yarn, start project, buy more yarn, start yet another project, and thus went the cycle. Now I actually have many finished objects instead of UFO's laying around the house, which makes me feel VERY GOOOOOOOD. In fact I feel SO good that I may just go out and buy more yarn. (hehehe) I actually have a good excuse this time. There are several birthdays coming up soon and since my knitting has gotten into what I consider the " decent" area of craftsmanship I'm going to knit some gifts for these unsuspecting friends & relatives.
More socks on the needles and I was very proud of myself until last night. I did the toe, foot, and 3/4 of the short row heel without a smidgen of a problem until something happened with only 3 wraps to go on the heel. I dropped a stitch and just can't figure out how to get it put back correctly. I have knitting tonight at Only Ewe And Cotton Too and hopefully someone there will show me how to fix it, and if not, there's always Claudia.

And, don't die friends, but I went to a Braves Game on Sunday. Yes, I actually went to a baseball game and had a great time. It was Stitch and Pitch Day at Turner Field and I went with a group of knitters from Knitch. A great time was had by all: knitting, chatting, meeting new knitters, snacking, and from what I've been told the Braves Won!

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