Sunday, April 13, 2008


Now does this look like total bliss or what! I wish I could climb in next to him. Actually I can. Sunny's bed is on top of my bed so he can have some extra comfyness. Beauty Baby has her own, too. What can I say.

Beauty Baby on her "other" bed - the leather couch in the living room.

This is a scarf that I made to send to the troops overseas as part of a community service project that the Atlanta Knitting Guild has going. I haven't done anything to contribute lately and plan on doing more in the months to come. I'm also making an outfit for a Teddy Bear for the Trauma Bear project, which the Georgia Center for Children gives to children who are in crisis situations. The Guild has info and patterns on their web site if anyone is interested.

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kathy b said...

I came to you from Mary in AZ who entered my blog yarn contest. GREAT blog. Good for you for charity knitting. You rock