Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yarn Update

Tempted Handpainted Yarn, in Bad Girl & Glam Girl

Wollmeise Yarn

Yes, I've been buying yarn. Sock yarn. What can I say. I must have enough sock yarn to put the entire population of Asia in handknit socks. As Dr. Phil says, " You can't fix the problem unless you acknowledge that you have one." Well, I DO acknowledge that I have one and so far I haven't been able to fix it. I think perhaps that it shouldn't be fixed. It makes me feel good, looking at all the colors and when you squeeze it, well, it makes me feel even better. There's a practical side to this also, for example there might be a blizzard and I might not be able to get out to any of the LYS to buy sock yarn. Or a tornado might be coming, etc. The yarn IS gorgeous, isn't it?

That Wollmeise yarn is a challenge just to purchase, I might add. It is in such high demand that the owner can't keep up with the demand and this yarn sells out INSTANTLY, as soon as she puts it up on her site. I didn't realize and read the post she put up, saying that new yarn will be offered on Fridays, and just as soon as I had several selections in my shopping cart they all started to disappear! It seems that you must purchase it IMMEDIATELY and go to PayPal to pay, or someone else will grab it up before you can wipe your nose. Amazing.....just amazing. There's an entire Ravelry Group dedicated to Claudia and her yarn, and exchanges go on between the members, and yes, some fighting and jealously as well. Do you believe it? All this over yarn.

THIS is the Cat Afghan Kit designed by Gitta Schrade. It is no longer being sold. And I now have one! At the Knitting Retreat I went to in February Joni brought the one she made and I of course fell in love with it. I since found out that the kit is no longer being sold. Instead of just saying "Oh well", I emailed the designer, asking her if she had any way of locating one of the kits. She lives in Germany and has designed many wonderful things including several other afghan designs. She wrote back leaving me the name and email address of a woman who works for the company that made it, and yes, they put together a kit for me, pattern and all. Granted, I'm sure it will take me the rest of my life to complete this, but I'm SO excited at the challenge.This is the one Joni made. If you look at the border, you'll see mice running around the edge. Just adorable. I just did a swatch to make sure my gauge is right. I knit loosely and CAN'T run out of yarn, plus I want those cats to look GOOD.


Dotty said...

Wow! That's a lot of Wollmeise. I've seen the yarn in person and I'm in love with the colours but not so much the base yarn. You will have to let us know what you think of it.

The catghan looks great! I can't wait to see yours.

YarnAddictAnni said...

Gorgeous yarn. I've not tried Wollmeise. Maybe I ought to get in on the act too. Gorgeous cat blanket.