Monday, April 30, 2007

Organic Cat & Dog Food

My wonderful Cat Sitter Heather just sent me some very interesting info on pet food.
The Healthy Holistic Pet and Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food has information on dog & cat health & nutrition, foods and what types of things go into "regular" pet food. After reading up on this you may never want to feed your dog or cat regular store bought food again.
You can get free samples of the food they sell, so you can try it out on your pet to see how well they like or dislike it.
I sent for a sample and will post how well it goes over with Sunny & Beauty Baby. I never really knew what the term "by-products" pertained to but if they really do contain things like rancid oils, udders and animal parts that seem like they should be deemed as waste material rather than food I 'm switching over to something that sounds healthier, not to mention more palatable.

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Pixiepurls said...

I go to "Red Bandana" they have several shops spread out in Atlanta and they carry all foods with the healthy ingrediants. I feed my Cat Breeders Choise, and my sheltie Avo Derm, and my golden gets Preire (sp?). My cat actually looked different after being on the breeders choise for a few months after swtiching her off fancy feast. Stop by a red banadana if you get a chanse, they are great. I go to the one in alpharetta which I find to be the nicest one.