Monday, August 20, 2007

Castles, Palaces & More

Ok folks, just a small viewing of what I've been seeing for the past 2 weeks in Europe. These photos are just a small sample of the hundreds I took but I have laundry up to the sky, work to do for my wonderful boss who let me take the last 2 weeks off to go on this "words cannot describe how wonderful trip", etc.
This is Catherine's Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, which had been the winter residence of the Russian imperial family until the October Revolution in 1917. We toured the inside and were amazed beyond words.

Frederiksborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark

Beautiful gardens at the Vigeland's Sculpture Park - Oslo, Norway

My travel companions, Winnie, Eileen & Jen at Vigeland's Sculpture Park
Oslo was an interesting city and was made even more interesting when our tour guide told tales of some of the folklore that originated from the area. Our collective favorite was that of the "huldre", a beautiful blond TALL woman who enticed all men who looked her way. They couldn't resist her because of her exquisite beauty. Only ONE problem: the beautiful huldre always wore a long, flowing skirt to hide her COW TAIL! Legend says that the only way for the huldre to rid herself of her tail was to marry, but once she did she turned into an ugly faced old thing! Pity the man who marries the beautiful huldre only to find that TAIL beneath the skirt after the wedding!! Talk about a shocker! (Personally, I'd just keep the tail)

Jen in the Vila Vilekulia cottage, home of Pippi Longstocking.
Stockholm, Sweden.

White Chocolate Swan at the Chocolate Midnight Buffet on our ship.
Yes, I did say CHOCOLATE midnight buffet.

Such a beautiful sunset view from our ship, leaving Estonia at 11:00 PM

I PROMISE I'll write more. Tomorrow. ZZZZZZZZZ for now.


Anonymous said...

WOW - thanks for taking us along. That was a beautiful trip. Of course, my favorite part of your story is the beauty with the cowtail. And chocolate midnight buffet - you got to be kidding...

Phyl said...

That Chocolate Buffet was just hysterical. Everyone waited at the doors to be let in and once they were opened it was a chocolate stampede! People CHEERED as they RAN into the dining room. Plates were clattering, some falling to the floor. People had chocolate cakes, cookies, candies, all piled up on their plates, running around looking for something they may have missed. Jen & I found the chocolate dipped strawberries along with these little round chocolate discs and we were set.