Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Think It's Time For A CONTEST!

My birthday is coming up. Sheesh! How did this happen - it feels like I just had one! I haven't had a contest in a good while so I thought this would be the purrfect time. Hey, ya don't turn 62 every day, right? (Thank God!)

This contest will involve animals and will be a guessing game.

I'll have the details posted in another couple of days, so check back to get the low down.

One thing I will say is that I'll be giving away some really beauteous prizes. Really. Good ones. Yarn. Wonderful yarn. The I can't take my hands off kind of yarn. The outstanding colorways type of yarn.

I love being a tease.

Come back in a few days and we'll have some fun.


Knit Witch said...

OK - I'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phyl said...

I'm not ready yet!